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My name is Niki, and I am so incredibly happy you are here! Chasing Bright is a bit like my journal. I’ve been writing for years, privately, as a creative outlet. Apparently, it’s imprinted in my DNA because my sweet mama has volumes and volumes of journals tracing back decades. From time to time, she sends me clips from old journal entries of hers, and I am always struck by how, despite us living two separate lives in two very different time periods, the parallels between what she experienced as a young mom back before the internet and what I experience now, are simply astounding. People’s stories have a way of reminding us that our personal experiences are often actually universal ones. It was through this realization that I began to understand the power and beauty of sharing stories. At times, opening up your life for others to read feels ridiculous and vulnerable. Sometimes, it may come across as silly and fun, while at other times it can best be described as inspired, sacred, and holy. But the heart of why I write is quite simply, to connect. To connect with the divine, myself, my family and friends, and even with strangers. I pray that after reading my stories, you walk away feeling a little lighter, or maybe even feel encouraged or inspired. Maybe you laugh a little or just leave feeling a little better knowing that you’re not the only mom whose child had pinworms (you’re welcome for that gem of a gift, by the way). Regardless of who you are or how you got here, you are welcome. In the words of a wise soul from the past, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I have I give to you.”

With that said, I give you an unfiltered glimpse of my audacious pursuit of a luminous life, and I hope you’ll grow along with me on this adventure called life.

here's what I've been thinking about...


the thrill of hope…


I have come to learn that Christmas, at its core, is really all about. It’s the convergence of light in a dark world. It’s the thrill of hope for a weary world to rejoice in. It’s about being seen, even when the world sends out pitch...


hard hearted


Hard-hearted is not a term I would normally assign to myself. Typically, I like to think of myself as kind and loving, but recently I noticed on several different occasions, that no matter how much I tried to squash it down, I felt...

Niki Kirby grief post sept 2021



Here’s the thing, no one WANTS to sit with grief. Why on earth would anyone want to re-live any kind of painful trauma, no matter how small? So why bother? What’s the point of grieving anyway?...




Friends, let me be clear here…WE ARE MADE FOR CONNECTION! There is no scenario where human connection is not part of the solution. In fact, I think connection is the vessel in which love is shared. There is no love without connection...

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